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X-Y Scanning Platform

T-Ray® 5000   2-SMT04




 The T-Ray® 5000 is the first compact pulsed terahertz measurement system that is robust enough to be deployed in an industrial environment and has all of the flexibility provided by our fiber coupled sensor heads in a rack mount package.By having replaceable sensor heads, the T-Ray® 5000 can be configured to fit your specific application.


      Operating in reflection mode, the fiber coupled sensor heads deliver a picosecond duration T-Ray® pulse, allowing high speed, scanned images to be easily produced. Mounting the heads in transmission, and the sample to the translation stage allows high quality transmission images as well.


     The 2-SMT04 X-Y Scanning Platform can be positioned for horizontal or vertical scanning. The transmitter and receiver can be configured in transmission, or collinear reflection geometry by using the Collinear Adapter. The 2-SMT04 can move at speeds up to 150 mm/sec and can provide step resolutions below 30 microns. The motors are integrated with the required amplifier and encoder to allow high quality images to be acquired at speeds up to 1000 pixels per second. The X-Y Scanning Platform has an embedded motion controller that is configured by software running on the Terahertz Control Unit.


•               Fiber coupled to allow easy movement

•               Image resolution to 100 microns

•               Perfect for field work

•               Built to operate upright or prone

•               Easy to use imaging software available

•               Transmission or reflection images

•               Multiple lens configurations available


•               Time domain reflection tomography

•               Nondestructive materials inspection

•               Package inspection

•               Semiconductor wafer inspection

•               Medical and biological imaging research

•               Remote threat detection

•               Homeland Security research